Nothing moves fast in the land of the lost....

Are you disheartened by your team's lack of production? Has it been a slow month for you as a recruiter or distributor? There are inevitable 'slow' times in any business in the marketplace whether it be network marketing, small business, or even at the corporate level.

Don't let this time be your downfall! Don't let a slower production month cause you to veer off course into a "business depression..." Stay calm and focused, and just have faith-- things will pick up! You do not want a slower time to determine the future of your entire business! Just continue onward, maintaining your daily activities-- it should be business as usual! Remember the law of averages -- There are 4 "aces" in every deck of cards, you just have to discover where in the deck they may be found!! You cannot make a "3" or a "7" into "Aces", it just is not possible!

Another important reminder in slower times is to keep the positive mindset flowin…

I'm Back!

Hi everyone!

After a large blog hiatus, I am back! I am happy to announce that after years of hard work, I have managed to attain my dream of working from home! My work allows me to be home and have a flexible schedule for my young son.

It is truly an amazing gift- time freedom!

I have bumped up a few of my older blog posts and will be blogging daily on Personal Development and Motivation.

For any of you who are new to my blog, please check out some of my older posts (this blog was started in 2008!)...

Thanks to all of you readers and I appreciate your continued contact and readership. Please feel free to reach out and let me know if you have any questions or specific topics that you would like to see featured on the blog.

Have a great day!

You're Either Building Someone Else's Dream or Your Own

This quote from the wonderful Jeff Olsen holds so much truth. In our daily lives, many of us are working for another business owner, helping this person to make his company an even bigger success. While this is all fine and good, wouldn't you rather work to build your own business and achieve your dreams? A good employee may see a raise or occasional bonus...but that employee will never see the income of the business owner.

One will NEVER make the income of a business owner as long as you are working for someone else. You will be working on their terms, their schedule and when all is said and done, they will pay you what they think you are worth (which is often lower than what we feel we are worth!) --

Now, becoming a real business owner takes time and hard work. No one said it would be easy and that residual income and time freedom would just magically fall in your lap - a legitimate and legal business opportunity just does not work that way.

So, if one is uncomfortable with work…

A Different Approach

Since I have been with my business opportunity, my mindset has changed quite a bit. Upon first joining, the idea of contacting a stranger would literally make my hands shake - just the thought of actually contacting someone (who had actually inquired about the business) absolutely terrified me -- why, do you ask? It's simple-- one word that can literally freeze most people dead in their tracks: REJECTION.

Then, when I really thought about it, what was I so frightened of?? I was scared of having someone listen to what I had to say and tell me that they weren't interested, or worse yet, hang up on me! When I really put it in perspective, I started wondering why that had me so frightened?? If people were not interested, they were not rejecting me as a person - they simply were not open to the opportunity...for now.

Once I changed my mindset, I took on a completely different approach - because it was then that I realized -- in this business, people will need you more than you need…

Keep Up the Momentum!

Hello all!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! 

I hope everyone is staying motivated and keeping the momentum going as we head into Fall. 

In order to keep things "in high gear," I have a few of the following suggestions: 

~Listen to a personal development/training CD at least thirty minutes per day (preferably in the morning hours). If it's multiple discs, listen to a section a day. Repeat this once a week for the next four weeks. Repetition=Retention - you will take away new "nuggets" of knowledge each time you listen, not to mention it's an excellent way to set the tone for your day! 

~Commit to exposing your business opportunity, product, or service to at least two people per day - this can be through a call, presentation, brochure, magazine or other third party tool. Committing to a number of exposures will increase your success rate! 

~Write down your Goal -- this is crucial! You HAVE to have your goal in writing. You must be able to look a…

Tough it out!

Happy Friday!! I received this info recently from a colleague and really wanted to share it!

~~There are currently over 3000 network marketing companies, give or take a few. Every one bills itself as the hottest new company and the best opportunity. If you are an active networker, you will be approached to join some of these other companies.

It will be very tempting for both you and your downline to jump over to the greener pastures. I can tell you that in most cases that would be a tragic mistake, because in another couple months another "best in the world" company will come along that looks even better. You will spend all your time getting started, which is the toughest phase of building a network...

If you are with a company that has been in business more than 2 years; is financially sound; has professional looking marketing and training materials; is shipping products and paying commissions consistently; and has a reputable management team; then you are with a solid com…

Motivation and Will

Happy Monday to everyone! Hopefully you are starting October off the right way to exploding/continuing to explode your business!!

Unfortunately, the current economic climate is tough on everyone. Corporations are going under or downsizing, the banks are failing and many individuals are truly left with a bleak outlook and feeling very unsure of their future. During these times and under these circumstances, it is your responsibility to keep those around you informed of alternative ways to earn income (i.e your business opportunity). Many feel hesitant when showing the opportunity to a friend or loved one for fear of ridicule - do NOT prejudge! The person whom you assumed would hate the idea could become your most successful recruit!

Do not hold back from sharing your opportunity with others, especially in times when extra money is essential to a family's could be the best decision you've ever made, for yourself and for your loved one.

Have a great day!!